Reaching out to those in needs. During the wanderings on foot village to village and into

remote tribal inhabited areas for long period, His Holiness Swami Shukadas Maharaj

had personally witnessed the prevailing pathetic leaving conditions of those poor,

illiterate villagers and tribal folks and decided to do every thing reach to mitigate their

sufferings.The great world monk Swami Vivekananda is the inspiring hero of His

Holiness Shukadas Maharaj and so he founded Ashram in the name of ‘Vivekananda’ on

the auspicious day of makar sankrant, 14th January 1965 at his father’s village Hiwara

Bk. To day’s Vivekananda Nagar, in Buladana district of Maharashtra state of India, Situated on the river’s bank of korari is blessed with enchanting scenery. Many years ago this area was known as Dandakaranya. Vivekananda Ashram is a tranquil place in the range of Ajanta Hills. At distance of 32 kilometers There’s is world’s second largest Sault water lake LONAR, formed by the fall of meteor, many centuries ago. There are famous & historical and religious places in surrounding areas. Vivekananda Ashram is the renowned holy place as well as service mission; it is the registered public trust which has a motto of the teachings of adorable Swami Vivekananda, “worship of living God’’. Vivekananda Ashram believes and works for the material and spiritual development of human beings. Adorable Swami Vivekananda’s doctrines is the base of Ashram’s religious and social activates; activities for the up liftmen of the down trodden, poor and tribal. To establish Hospitals, dispensaries, shelters for orphans & disabled, run educational institutes etc. Vivekananda’s birth day anniversary function is the most famous function which is shared by lacks of devotees. More than 2 lacks people have a sacred food in row at one time at the time of this religious function.

Vivekananda Ashram

A Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian Public Charitable Trust

Established: January 14, 1965

Registered Under

Societies Registration Act 1860 - Cert. No.MAH / 219 / Bul.

Dated 29th Aug.1972

The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950-. Cert. No.F-296- Bul.

Dated 31st Oct.1973

Founder: P.Pu. Shukadas Maharaj

Mailing Address: Director

Vivekananda Ashram

Vivekanand Nagar (Hivra Ashram)

Taluka Mehakar, Dist. Buldana-443301 (MH)

Telephone number : Phone / Fax: 07268 - 264225, 264473,264475

९७६७८९७३१८ (Vice President),9 7678 9 7307 (Secretary), 97678 9 730 9, 923127171 (Joint Secretary)

Akola Branch: Phone: 0724 - 2450278, 9 657718 9 78

Permanent Account No.:AAATV5412B

Income Tax Exemption-U/S-80G.F.No.CIT-1/80G/V-502/06-07,

Import-Export Coad No.0307010309,

Foreign Donations :Authorised to receive foreign donations

Under FCR Permit No.083790011 Dated-20/01/1999

Bank Account No.:11390333339

Bank A/c Name: President / Secretary Vivekanand Ashram Hiwara Bk.

State Bank Of India, Mehakar Branch

Bank Swift Code: IFSC CODE : SBIN0000426

Geographic Location: Buldhana District (Maharashtra State)

Mehkar tehsil - Busstop ... Hiva Ashram: Buldhana District (Maharashtra State)

Mehkar - Chikhli State road 30 Kms east from Chikhali

15 km west of Mehkar

Nearest Railway Station: Malkapur, Shegaon, Jalna, Akola

Nearest airport: Aurangabad (Chikthathana)



During his trips into the interior villages and tribal areas, Shikadas Maharaj had seen the woes and sorrows of the poor and the sick. Due to poverty, the poor patients could not afford to buy medicines on their own, as a result of which they become more sick and some die in misery. Responding to the call of his mentor Swami Vivekananda who preached " Service to the people is services to God", Shukadas Maharaj decided to provide free medical aid to the sick. He started charity clinics at Hiwra and few other locations. Leading Specialists and Physicians helped him in providing relief to the poor at Outreach Healthcare Camps and in the dispensaries. Shukadas Maharaj is a divine soul gifted with an inner knowledge to diagnose any sickness merely by the feeling of the pulse and also prescribe the best suited medicines that will cure the disease. In the last 4 decades he has personally examined and prescribed medicines to over 90,00,000 poor patients. He is highly revered and, though he is not a qualified Doctor, people flock to him in the sincere belief that a mere touch of Maharaj is sufficient to cure them. Many of them who had lost all hopes of living in good health became better after one or two visits to Maharaj.

Computerized Pathology Lab

Vivekanand Ashram at Hiwara has well equipped Pathology Lab which caters to the needs of the villagers at a very low cost- even free of cost in case of very poor patients

Ambulance Services

The Ashram has 2 fully equipped Ambulances to carry patients from the Ashram and also from interior villages to the city hospitals or nearby dispensaries.

Vivekanand Charitable Diagnostic Center

This center provides wide variety of medicalservices to thousands of people every year. These include (1)Free Distribution of Vitamin A Capsules & Deworming Tablets; (2) Free Diagnostic Camps (3) Mobile Dispensary for remote and un-served villages (4) Reproductive and Child Health project.

Community Welfare Program

Some 40 years back, during one of his visits to the interior villages in Buldana District, Shukadas Maharaj personally swa the plight of the poor villages there. Immediately he initiated very many welfare programs for the upliftment of the villages.

(१)Drinking Water

Was a scarce commodity in many villages and the ladies had to walk long distances to fetch water for their household needs. Shukadas Maharaj made water facility available close by to their homes.


There was no power supply in most of the interior villages. Shukadas Maharaj prevailed upon the nearby Power Supply Company to make electricity accessible to the villagers.

(३)Medical Facility

Was available but away from Hiwra and at very high cost. Under the auspices of Vivekanand Ashram. Shukadas Maharaj himself started giving medicare to several villages in and around Buldana District.

(४)Old Age Home

In line with Swami Vivekanand's teaching that elderly people are to be respected and taken care of, Shukadas Maharaj established an Old Age Home for senior citizens who had no home of their own. As of now, there are 30 elders who are freely provided everything they need - shelter, food, clothes,medical aid and above all loving care and dignity.

(५)Flood Relief

In the year 2006, when heavy rains and consequent flooding destroyed the small properties of the villagers, Shukadas Maharaj distributed household cooking utensils, food grains, milk and clothes, etc. to the affected people. He also offered free Medicare to the needy patients.

(६)Other Facilities

He also established a Post Office and Bank as well as long distance communication line(Phone Facility) On his request, the State Transport authorities started regular State Transport bus services to Hiwra

Mega free Diagnosis Camps

Vivekanand Ashram arranges Mega Free Diagnosis camps thorough out the year by courtesy of export Doctors and Pharma Companies. In this camps the following services provided (1) Bone density test (2) Neurol ogy test (3) Orthopedic test (4) Asthma test (5) Diabetic test (6) Blood group test (7) Blood sugar test (8) Hemoglobin test (9) Cancer detection (10) ENT and throat check -up (11) Heart disease (12) Dental diseases (13) Family welfare counseling. (14) Eye check-up test & General check-up.

All Diagnosis are done free of cost. More than 20,000 patients are taking benefit of these camps and get free check-ups, free medicines and free tests in one registration. Very nominal registration fee is charged.

Other Activities ...

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