“Prayer goes up. Blessings come down”

  I have lost my all wish for my salvation, I never wanted earthly enjoyment. I must see my machine in strong working order and knowing sure that, I have put in the level for the good of humanity in India at least, which no power can drive back. I may worship the only God that exists, the only God I believe in, the sum total of all souls and above all my God, the wicked; my God the miserable; my God the poor of all races, of all species is the special object of my worship.  

- Swami Vivekananda

This philanthropy is the inspiration and base of Vivekanand Ashram.

His Holiness Shukadas Maharaj !

The sacred soil of Maharashtra has been the cradle of several highly revered saints who are held in high esteem and worshipped because the dedicated their lives to preaching good, educating the ignorant and helping the poor, the needy and the sick.

One such "Mahapurush" Param Pujya Shukadas Maharaj was born in an obscure village namaed " Ruikhed Mayamba"" in Buldana District, on 24th November 1943. Due to poverty, he could study only up to Std.IV in a Primary Marathi School.

At the tender age of 14, Shukadas was inspired by Swami Vivekanand's philosophy and teachings. Between 1960 & 1972, very often he went into long meditation at Lonar - place of nature's miracles and the land of ancient rishis.

Shukadas Maharaj is a true social workar & reformer whose main objective is helping those in need.When he was just 22 years of age, he founded a charitable trust in memory of his mentor Swami Vivekananda. Through this Trust he has extended lot of help to the poor, the sick and needy people in Buldana and other nearby Districts in Maharashtra State.

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संकष्ट चतुर्थी

शनिवार | चंद्रोदय ९:५५



जागतिक दृष्टीदान दिन

रविवार |शुभ दिवस



रमजान ईद /महाराणा प्रताप जयंती

शनिवार| शुभदिवस



राजमाता जिजाऊसाहेब भोसले पुण्यतिथी




विवेकानंद आश्रमात श्रीहरी कीर्तन

गुरुवार| शुभदिवस




बुधवार| प्रारंभ स.८:१२



book written by Shukadas Maharaj Shree | 8th Edition

Vivekananda Ashram...

The entrance to the Ashram is a serene beauty with flower-gradens, water fountains and an imposing statue of Swami Vivekananda. No sooner your car comes in, you are received with genuine warmth and affection by the Ashram Trustees and Staff -a rare commodity now -a-days in this materialistic world.

The Ashram was founded, on 14th January 1965, by Pujya Shukadas Maharaj whose outstanding humanitarian services have earned for him many Awards and Honours including "Karmayogi" "Sant Swamiji" "Sevasamarth" and the coveted "Dalit Mitr Award"

"To be pure and to do good to others; this is the gist of all workship" so preached Swami Vivekanand and this is immortalised by Pujya Shukadas Maharaj who says," The inspiring power behind me is Swami Vivekananda and I endeavour my utmost to live upto his ideals and teachings"