Education at Vivekanand Ashram

Keeping in line with the preaching of Swami Vivekananda who said “Education is the basic up gradation for all progress and for character moulding”, the Ashram runs at its head-quarters in Vivekanand Nagar

Our Institutions


Vivekanand Vidya Mandir (Marathi and semi English Medium) Class V to XI


1000 Students

Vivekanand Dnyanpeeth (English Medium)
Class I to VII


400 Students

Vivekanand Residential School for Handicapped Boys and Girls Class I to VII


1000 Students

Vivekanand Residential School for Deaf Boys and Deaf Girls
Class I to X


100 Students

Vivekanand Junior College of Arts & Science
Clas 11 & 12


500 Students

College of MCVC (MLT / Auto Engineering (Crop Science)
Class 11 & 12


20 Students

Vivekanand Science College 3 year Degree Course


85 Students

Vivekanand Ashram Primary Marathi School, Akola


350 Students

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Special Provisions for Physically Disable Students

The physically handicapped students have been given free surgical treatment, callipers, walkers and Jaipur Foot. The needy Students have also been given wheel chairs. The deaf and dumb students have been given hearing aids & special gadgets used to teach them.

Top in Studies

The Schools and Colleges are managed by simple living, high thinking and well qualified teachers and professors. Many students have featured in the Merit Lists of SSC Board Examination. And many ex-students are employed in good jobs in India as well as in USA, Canada and Gulf countries.

Good Value Classes

Reverence to god, respect to elders & Good Moral Character are imbibed in the students through conduct of Morals & Good Behaviour Classes. Children are inculcated “ Good Values of Life” through references to the lives and teachings of great philosophers and saints.

Facilities to Students

Most of the students hail from distant villages. They come from poor families and connot afford to undertake to and fro bus travels every school/college functioning day. For the benefit of such students the Ashram has built hostels – separate for boys and girls. They are also provided canteen and dining facility.

All students are provided free library and computer coaching facility. They are permitted to utilize the Ashram’s gym facility and take part in physical training and sports/games including football, volley- ball, cricket, etc. The grown-up students are provided job-oriented vocational training.

The needy students are given free tuitions in the subject they are weak. The brilliant students are given encouragement by presentation of Award and Honors. Many students have earned laurels for the Ashram by excelling in State and National contests and competitions.

All students take part in the community prayers that are organized in the Ashram every Saturday evening. Also in the Cultural programs and Gatherings organized regularly by the Ashram.