Community Welfare Programs

Some 40 years back, during one of his visits to the interior villages in Buldana Districk, Shukadas Maharaj personally saw the plight of the poor villagers there. Immediately he initiated many welfare programs for the upliftment of the villagers

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Drinking Water

Drinking water was a scarce commodity in many villages and the ladies had to walk long distances to fetch water for their household needs. Shukadas Maharaj made water facility available close by to their homes.

Medical Facility

Medical Facility was available but away from Hiwra and at very high cost. Under the auspices of Vivekanand Ashram. Shukadas Maharaj himself started giving medicare to several villages in and around Buldana District.

Old Age Home

In line with Swami Vivekanand’s teaching that elderly people are to be respected and taken care of, Shukadas Maharaj established and Old Age Home for senior citizens who had no home of their own. As of now, there are 30 elders who are freely provided everything they need – shelter, food, clothes, medical aid and above all loving care and dignity.

Creating Awareness

Most of the villagers were illiterate and it was necessary to create as awareness in them about the good and bad of their age-old habits and consumption like tobacco-chewing, liquor consuming, contacting HIV and other dreaded diseases, hygiene and cleanliness, etc. Such Awareness programs he organized regularly and during his Medical Outreach Programs.


There was no power supply in most of the interior villages. Shukadas Maharaj prevailed upon the nearby Power Supply Company to make electricity accessible to the villagers.

Other Facilities

He also established a post Office and Bank as well as long distance communication line (phone facility). On his request, the State Transport authorities started regular State Transport bus service to Hiwra.

Dairy Development

Many of the Villagers had one or two cows of their own form which they could get milk for their home consumption. But what about the others? With a view to inspire the villagers to keep cows in their own homes, Shukadas Maharaj started a small Cow shed and also a small Milk Dairy offering good price for the milk brought in by the Villagers. Such collected milk was sold at a nominal margin profit and also in the form of different dairy products. Today there are over 150 cows and an output of 300 litres per day.

Flood Relief

In the year 2006, When heavy rains and consequent flooding destroyed the small properties of the villagers, Shukadas Maharaj distributed household cooking utensils, food grains, milk and clothes, etc. to the affected people. He also offered free Medicare to the needy patients.

Mother and Child Welfare

On account of prevailing property, the pregnant and lactating mothers could not afford to buy milk and other healthy foods for themselves and their new-borns. Through donations received from charity-oriented foundation. The Ashram distributer Multi Vitamins and Vitamin A capsules to the pregnant & lactating mothers as well as the newborn children. 

Various other measures to improve the living conditions and health of the villagers are undertaken by the Ashram under the loving care and supervision of Shukadas Maharaj.

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