His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj

“The inspiring power behind me is adorable world monk Swami Vivekananda and I Endeavour my at most to live up to his ideals and teachings”

 His Holiness Shukadas Maharaj is an account of the life and teachings of the adorable world monk Swami Vivekananda. He is one of those rare personalities who lived and worked for the material and spiritual development, welfare of human beings. Thousands of people regard him as an incarnation of the divine power and sought salvation in simple heart touching teachings. His whole life is devoted to spiritual quest and service of humanity, worship of living God.

His attitude to serve the suffering humanity is exemplary. He is only literate but endowed with the divine power. He has deep and adequate knowledge of anatomy, Pathology and Medicine. More than one crore of Patients are benefited by his health services, which are continuously going on. He is a man of heroic mould. The center theme of His Holiness Shukadas Maharaja’s life and work is total development of human beings. E.g. social, economic, moral and religious.

His Holiness Shukadas Maharaj wandered on foot for years through the hilly and tribal belt of Maharashtra and personally worked for the enlistment of troubles. No doubts, Mahatmas venerable to the entire world have appeared solely to redeem souls who are tossed about in the ocean of earthly existence, ignorant of their true nature and His Holiness Shukadas Maharaj is one of these.


By birth His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj has keen interest in spiritual life and so he renounced worldly life when he was 14 years, World monk Swami Vivekananda is his idol and swamiji’s doctrines are his life style. When he was 14 years old he noted down his spiritual experiences in form of “ Anubhuti” the Book of spiritual gospel. His life mission is “Doing good to others” He is endowed with many qualities of head and heart for which he commanded great respect from one and all.

The down trodden, depressed, poor, Patients, Handicapped, shelter less are his God. And he has devoted his life for the upliftment of this “living God.”

He wandered on foot village to village of remote, hilly area in Akola, Buldhana & Washim Districts of Maharashtra to awake the people for their own upliftment.

He wants to remove their superstition, ignorance and laziness. He is an uncommon personality with the uncommon virtues, remarkable foresight, tremendous organizing capacity, strong will power, Coordinating Thinking, appropriate and deep knowledge of medical science and pathology though he has only primary education.

Yet the medical services and facilities are too away from rural area. Many of the patients have to suffer without medicine and medical treatment. This pains him. So he himself selflessly engaged in patient’s service.

For the better development of society he thinks education is must. He wants and works for the material and spiritual development of the human beings.


  • Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar Dalit Mitra Award given by state government of Maharashtra in year of 1993-1994
  • Special honor by Apana Foundation, Airoli
  • Special honor by Mahalaxmi Devsthan, Mumbai
  • Special honor by Mumbadevi Devsthan, Mumbai
  • Gujrati seva Mandal’s award presented at, Matunga.
  • Seva samrat Award given by Sant Gadagebaba Mission affiliated Gunwant Baba charity seva prathishtan, Mumbai
  • Diwaliben Award given by Diwaliben Mehata Charitable Trust, Mumbai
  • Special honor by Shankar Math, Mumbai
  • Special honor by Buladana Jilha Mitra Mandal, Nagapur
  • Special honor by Warakari shikshan sanstha, Alandi


His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj is “Karmayogi Sanyasi” He has created a Co-ordination in community, religions and all casts & creeds. He awakened the people to think “All religions are true” The divine celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday anniversary speaks volumes about his work.

Upliftment Work for Adiwasi

His Holiness Shukdas Maharaj’s humanitarian services have brought the Adivashi community in stream of development.  He has done enormous work at the Adivasi village Bhaurad. He pulled the Adivasi people out of superstition, drug habbits, illiteracy and poverty.